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Posted by The German Art Students on Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Scott Gordon's Interview of myself and Anna Vogelzang, Nick Brown, Andy Moore, and Jordan Cohen.  We attempt to evaluate a variety of Beatles covers as a promo for The Exile on Willy Street 2016 show. 

Samara Kalk Derby's profile of Gold Dust Women (Fleetwood Mac Tribute) HERE

Laurel White's Preview of Freakin' Halloweekend 2015 HERE

Scott Gordon's Preview of Exile on Willy Street 2015 HERE.

Laura Dettinger - Facebook - GAS Superfan

"Here's the latest rave review of the new GAS album. I freakin' love it! It passed the "living in the car stereo CD player for days and days" test (yes, I still listen to CDs in the car). Go-Go's Invasion is my new favorite song. (What IF they invaded this town?? You KNOW we'd all get the beat!!) "I only have time to eat mini-carrots" is my new favorite line. Annelies's lush vocals, especially on Time Machine, are an inspiration. And Randy is my new favorite grandma in Community Service Song. I so enjoy the variety of songs, and they already feel like GAS classics. Thanks for still making great music on CD, for kicking ass at High Noon to release it, and for still being my favorite Madison band after all these years."

Joshua Miller - Isthmus - Time Machine Album Release

"...the album is a humorous, energetic mix of punk and power-pop."

Scott Gordon - Isthmus - Who is recording the best protest songs?

"It's hard for a songwriter to simultaneously nail topical relevance and something more lasting, and on quick turnaround, too..."

John Noyd - Maximum Ink - Time Machine Album Review

"Sorting through the ruins of an increasingly absurd world, Madison's rock rascals find reason not just to carry on, but rejoice."

Finally, never in a million years did I imagine that THIS would happen!