The German Art Students won Rock Performer of the year at the 2017  Madison Area Music Association Awards!  I'm so grateful for the Madison music community!

September 28-30, October 5-7, 2017

Tragedy meets Travolta in Are We Delicious? Bacchae! the Dionysus Disco Musical. An all-star cast of Madison musicians, writers, and performers join to create a full-length comic musical based on the ancient Greek tragedy of the god Dionysus and the Bacchae, a bunch of nasty women who reach ecstasy through wine, dancing and tearing apart animals with their bare hands. Set to an original disco and 70’s music score, Are We Delicious? explores the conflict between conformity and freedom, structure and chaos. TICKETS.

Writer/Actors: Cat Capellaro, Elayne Juten, Brad Knight, Kelly Maxwell, and Karen Saari

Composer/Musicians: H.R. Britton, Annelies Howell, Brandon Jensen, Alivia Kleinfeldt, and Andrew Rohn

Saturday October 14, 2017

The German Art Students open for the third night of Turkey Fest. Supporting Fox Face, Blaha, and Fire Heads! This one is free at the incomparable Mickey's Tavern.  10pm. 

Annelies Howell